A Contemporary Outsider Art Gallery in Downtown Vergennes, VT.

Exhibiting an eclectic mix of metal sculpture, photography, paintings, abstract inventions, outsider art, folk art, handcrafted wood & metal art furniture, blacksmithing, found objects and wearable art.


“The place is impossibly charming, in part because of the many architectural details from the old carriage house that are incorporated artfully into the gallery.” –Megan James, Seven Days

IMG_6342.jpgIMG_3209.jpgIMG_9083.jpgIMG_0712.jpgIMG_7809.jpgCarnival.jpgIMG_7877.jpgIMG_9931.jpgIMG_0368.jpgEast Side, NYC.jpgIMG_1161.jpgGinter-0002.jpgIMG_1185.jpgtwelfth night.jpg389051_10150944562653940_1545985381_n.jpgp10.jpg